The Art of Martial Arts

Martial arts is one of the oldest forms of combat that originates in skills of war.  Although it is truly hard to define, we know it when we see it.  There are a plethora of martial arts styles with varying degrees of combat utility, which are practiced for many different reasons; self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness as well as mental and spiritual development.  Whatever the reason might be for people to partake in a martial arts discipline, there is certainly something life changing about the process.

Much like a newborn infant growing into this world, practicing a martial arts, in a sense, does the same.  We start from the very beginning, fresh with a blank slate, and not really knowing what our bodies should do or how it should move.  As we slowly start to immerse ourselves into the arts, we are unaware of what’s truly happening around us.  We are unaware of the friendships made, the families we’ve created, and the small communities we’ve become a part of.

That is certainly the case at C3 Athletics, but what’s even greater about the family we’ve built is the fact that at any given time we can have doctors, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, students, bankers, and construction workers all under the same roof.  On the mats or in the ring, we do not recognize gender, race, color or creed.  We are not concerned with how much money you make or what kind of car you drive.  We don’t judge anyone and we limit no one.  We have one common interest that brings us together and one common goal that pushes us to be better.  That’s the beauty of martial arts.  At its most basic purpose of learning self-defense, you’ve inherently become a part of something much bigger than yourself.

But even on a personal level, there is much to be said about the man or woman that walks through those doors ready to train and sweat.  That commitment to return to the gym is one that does not go unnoticed.  Your coaches are grateful, your teammates are grateful and by the end of class you would have pushed your body to new heights, both physically and mentally. You would have gained a little more knowledge, but that search for perfection and knowing how much further you have to go keeps you humble.  That drive to be better forces us to endure the unrelenting beatings day in and day out.  The determination to execute technique keeps you focused, sharp and more aware.  You would have added the necessary tools in an attempt to master your discipline, but ask yourself this.  Have you noticed any changes in your life outside of the gym?

See. For me, this whole process has been life changing.  Much, if not all, of what I have been able to gain through martial arts I have applied to my existence.  Anyone can engage in systematic fighting, but that does not make him or her a martial artists. The pursuit of a discipline should not only affect an individual’s physical attributes and technical prowess, but also their psyche.  It should challenge them mentally, emotionally and spiritually all the while increasing the relationships with their counterparts, creating a family-like environment, and changing their lives in the gym and out.  That, to me, is the Art of Martial Arts.

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