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” We fight and scream at each other like idiots on mixedmartialarts.com, but depsite this, the members of this site have repeatedly proven themselves to be very generous when someone is in need.

Andre Margutti, a good friend and teammate of ours at Team Yamasaki, has been diagnosed with cancer. Andre came to the US a little more than 10 years ago and has been a great friend to all of us at Team Yamasaki. In addition to being a very upbeat and friendly guy, Andre is a hard worker. He turned 30 this year and recently started up his own construction company. He’s also competed in numerous BJJ competitions, has had a couple of amateur MMA fights, and has also taught capoeira.

Last week, Andre started radiotherapy and he will soon be starting chemotherapy. As you know, the costs for Andre’s treatment will be astronomical.

To help with some of these costs, we’re going to hold seminars at academies in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area of the east coast. All the money raised will go to Andre’s medical costs. In addition to black belts from Team Yamasaki, the following black belts have agreed to help us by teaching and / or opening up their schools to host seminars”

All of these locations are open to everyone.
We are asking a minimum donation of $50 to attend.
The seminars will be approximately 3 hours long.
Thanks to everyone for the support. The response was so overwhelming that we were actually unable to accommodate all of the requests to have seminars. There simply weren’t enough weekends and instructors to go around. Maybe we can add some October dates if we get some additional instructors.

July 17
Yamasaki – Springfield, VA

July 24
Balance – Pittsburgh

July 25
Balance – Philadelphia
New Jersey Martial Arts – Maple Shade, NJ
NextGen MMA – West Deptford, NJ
(The seminar for these academies will be at New Jersey Martial Arts – Maple Shade, NJ)

July 31
Jungle Gym – The Bronx

August 1
C-3 Athletics – Stamford, Connecticut

August 7
BattleGround MMA – Edgewater, NJ

August 8
Tekniques – Powder Springs, GA

August 14
Vamos Jiu Jitsu, Holbrook, NY

August 15
Grappler’s Guide Academy – Red Bank, NJ

August 21
1. Abmar Barbosa BJJ – Hudson, Massachusetts
2. Revolution BJJ – Richmond, VA

August 22
1. Matt Santos BJJ – Providence, RI
2. Jeff Gordon’s MMA Academy – Gaithersburg, MD

August 28
1. MMA Institute – Richmond, VA
2. Bismark Combat Sports – Bismark, ND

August 29
Combat Sports Center – Baltimore, MD

September 4

September 5

September 11
Black and Blue MMA – Kingston, NY

September 12
50/50 – Arlington, VA

September 18
Ground Control – Reisterstown, MD

September 19
Elite BJJ – Newark, DE

September 25
Precision BJJ – King of Prussia, PA

September 26
MMA Institute – Winchester, VA


  1. Sean George

    July 16th, 2010

    How do i donate? Is there a webpage that i can go to? I would like to start the C3 drive with a $1000 donation from Karin, Isabella and I.

  2. John Theriault

    July 27th, 2010

    Hello, Id like to make the Stamford seminar, I train under Marco Delima, specifically Norwich, CT. I would also like to give some more ideas to make money for Andre’s medical bills. One of the largest of which would be to put on a large tournament at a venue that would be free or cheap to rent. If the cost was $100 to enter I think people would pay (insert NAGA) since its a great cause. Even if only 100 people show, its still 10,000. You can also charge for advertising space, as well as fight wear, and of course snacks/water. I dont know Andre, but Ive had relatives with cancer, Im sure another 20 grand wouldnt hurt for bills!

  3. rick_screeton

    July 27th, 2010

    we will see you at the seminar. The best thing for your ideas would be to send them to the organizers site. We are donating the space/time and a few instructors, but this is not our event

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