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“For me, it’s an outlet. When I’m at C3, I can release stress and tension. It definitely makes me a calmer person and I’ve gotten in a lot better shape from it. I’m also more confident because I know if anything were to ever happen, I could defend myself. It also helps me focus and gives me goals to work toward, to get better. It’s really comfortable here at C3—I don’t feel like I’m the only girl, and the trainers are very encouraging.” —Mollie M, 16 years old, member since January 2012 (boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ)


“It is an adrenaline rush that is very exhilarating and refreshing. The more difficult and challenging, the more I get addicted. I see it as a break from the repetitive nature of my standard daily life as a Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 corporate worker. Ever since I started Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing, I’ve improved my eating habits in order to enhance performance. As a result, my health has been improving and I’ve had more motivation and energy to get through many things in life. Another reason is that I was raised as a Cambodian woman. In my culture, women are submissive and are limited to a few tasks in terms of what we can and cannot do. You are seen as the traditional housewife who cooks, cleans, cares for the children, and depends on a husband for survival. I was always against it and really try to prove to my family—and more so to myself—that I can break that norm and be independent. I really enjoy the shock value of not being in the norm.” —Mary K, 26 years old, member since August 2012 (boxing, Muay Thai)


“It gives you confidence and makes you feel like there’s more to you as a woman—like you can do anything. I actually was not looking for a combat sport; I was looking for a workout because I’d just had a baby, and wound up finding C3. It was the first gym I called, and after my first session with Roger Denton, there was just something about it that made you want to learn what he was teaching. I had never done anything like a martial art before. Now, everything the guys do, I can do as well, and I feel like they respect me as a teammate, not as a girl. Women shouldn’t be intimidated; they have to try it for themselves first. We’re like a big family at C3. We see each other at the gym, we all hug, talk to each other like brothers and sisters, hang out outside of the gym, and everybody knows each other’s families. Even our kids hang out together. There’s a friendly-family environment. We don’t compete with each other. There’s a sense of community.” —Rafca M, 21 years old, member since July 2011 (BJJ)


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I have been coming to C3 Athletics for the past 2 months and let me say that I am hooked. Their Jiu-Jitsu program is top notch with a friendly atmosphere. Roger is a master of his craft and is not only patient but a wealth of knowledge that just keeps me coming back. I would recommend this academy to anyone, after one trial class I was hooked and I know you will be too.

- Mario S.

This place rocks. I was looking to find a way to relieve stress after work, and c3 wasn’t too far from my office. I stopped in for a free class, and realized that these guys really know what they are doing. I had played around with a different gym in the area, but I never really learned how to do anything properly. I love the fact that the trainers are professional, are willing to work with you at your own pace, and they don’t force you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. Smashing a bag and burning 800 calories isn’t a bad way to let some aggression fly… I actually look forward to going to the gym.

- Dave T.

Been a member for over 9 months, this gym has it all: Professional Muay Thai fighter Elvis Gashi, 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Roger Denton from GFTeam and Pro Undefeated Boxer Joey Valle. In addition to this, an extremely friendly atomosphere from the staff and the rest of the members. What’s YOUR goal? Get in shape? Have fun? Make new friends? Learn practical self-defense? How about a fun way to get in shape while learning practical self-defense and meeting new people? Hmmm? Honestly, I don’t know why you’re still reading this! Waiting for someone to make a decision for you? Book your free class and come see it for yourself. What’s YOUR excuse?

- David C.

C3 is a great gym!!! I have been a member for over a year. The trainers are friendly and approachable! The members are equally as nice. The bag classes are awesome, the music gets you going and the trainers really motivate you to push yourself. I am always eager to get to class and enjoy every second of it!!!! If you are looking to get fit C3 is the place!!!

- Micha J.

Mom Approved! My thirteen year old son has been a member for over 6 months. He wanted to learn how to box and we found C3 to have the best instructors and environment. He loves to go to the gym! He is learning many skills such as self defense, endurance, and self discipline. I would highly recommend C3 Athletics and I feel confident that you will experience a staff with high motivation that enriches – confidence, courage and commitment!

- Theresa B.
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